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How SEA Fiordland began

Updated: May 17

In November 2023, Clint and Emma acquired the business Cruise Fiordland through their pre-COVID company, Southern Epic Adventures (S.E.A).

They always had a vision of taking clients into Fiordland, and true to the saying “you get what you think about,” their vision came to life.

Initially, they operated under the trading name Cruise Fiordland but felt that the "Cruise" in Cruise Fiordland didn’t fully represent the adventures and endless opportunities in such a stunning, not easily accessible area.

From there, SEA Fiordland was born.

SEA stands for the ocean environment, the epic adventures in the Southwest corner of New Zealand, and the opportunity to see Fiordland – all beautifully and ironically tied in with Southern Epic Adventures (S.E.A).

Their vision for the business is to organise, plan, and facilitate unique bucket list adventures in a stunning remote location.

Their brand reflects the exceptional qualities of Fiordland National Park has to offer. They have crafted a unique icon inspired by a Manaia, the spiritual kaitiaki (guardian) of the sky, earth, and sea.

The base of the logo is a double-lined infinity symbol, showing how SEA Fiordland is connected with the environment, caring for the land and creatures for future generations to enjoy. The top of the icon features deer horns to represent the land, flowing seamlessly into the infinity symbol and ending with a tuna fish tail to represent the sea.

Their icon becomes their guardian angel as they explore world-class, remote wilderness in an adventure of a lifetime.

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