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Boat Charter in Fiordland

SEA Fiordland offers a unique guest experience, that awakens all senses while exploring one of natures finest creations, once described by Rudyard Kipling as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World' .


Chartering a boat in New Zealand' largest national park, largely inaccessible to visitors, is a way to experience nature in its pure form with every element you may need taken care of by the crew on MV Tasman Explorer.

Creating Your Adventure

Fiordland is a breathtaking region known for its stunning Fiords, lush rainforests and dramatic landscapes. It is part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Site, recognized for its natural beauty and unique ecosystem.

Being the largest national park in New Zealand and covering an area of 12,500 square kilometres, Fiordland has so much to embrace for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike.

SEA Fiordland offers multi-day boat charters to explore the fiords for families, friends, individuals, couples, and groups with abundant activities to enjoy- depending on your interests.

Activities include hiking, kayaking, wildlife watching, fishing, photography, stargazing, hunting, diving, whether scuba or freediving, snorkelling, discovering the history of Fiordland, spearfishing, swimming, waterfalls, visiting marine reserves, and so much more.

The remote cruising areas within Fiordland National Park contain an abundance of natural beauty that will stay in your memory forever.



The Fiords and Fiordland Coastal waters are all protected from overfishing. When the weather gods play ball, we venture into these fishing grounds to create reel memories. The internal waters in Fiordland have local fishing regulations that have just been updated in April 2024 to help protect our fisheries for future generations, and so they should!

Species and seasonal fish in the area include Groper/ Bass (now closed in the internal Waters of the Fiords), Tarakihi, Flounder, Gurnard, Ling, Blue Cod, Kingfish, Tuna, Bluenose, Crayfish, Mussels, Paua, Cockles and Kina. Scallops and oysters are now closed in all of Fiordland and Hapuka/Bass fishing is now closed in the internal waters of the fiords.

These waters are well protected from weather providing endless opportunities to find calm waters and explore.



Whether it be Freediving or Scuba, Fiordland is spectacular and, like nothing, you will experience anywhere else in the world.

Below the surface layer, clean and clear waters allow you to witness sheer mountain faces, stingrays, kelp forests, and an array of other stunning natural environments and sea creatures.

You can see ancient Black and Red corals, schools of fish, reefs, shellfish, and other rare species, not to mention the large numbers of rock lobsters in the nooks, cracks, and caves below the surface.



There is nothing better than hearing the stags roaring across the fiords from the vessel in April during the rut.

Fiordland is well renowned for its exceptional hunting. Red deer are on offer all year round and the annual roar gives hunters the opportunity to secure a Wapiti block in the more remote areas.

All hunters require a permit for hunting within Fiordland, which must be carried at all times when hunting on land managed by DOC. Hunting permits cover all of Fiordland National Park, excluding specially protected areas like sanctuaries, the Murchison Mountains and Wapiti blocks.



Visiting Fiordland in New Zealand is like stepping into a painter's masterpiece.


Towering peaks adorned with lush greenery frame mirror-like fiords, their glassy surfaces reflecting the grandeur of the surrounding landscape. Misty waterfalls cascade down sheer cliffs, creating an ethereal atmosphere that feels ancient and alive.


As you navigate through the fiords, you're enveloped by a profound sense of tranquillity, interrupted only by the calls of native birds echoing through the valleys.


Witnessing nature in Fiordland is a humbling experience, where the raw beauty of the wilderness leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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