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Changes To Fishing Rules For Fiordland

Starting today, the new amateur fishing regulations for Fiordland are officially in effect. This marks the culmination of a thorough process initiated in 2019 due to increasing concerns raised by frequent fishers.  While the new fishing rules in Fiordland are not popular for all, we are hopeful that it will help reverse the decline of key fish stocks and restore this invaluable resource.

The Guardians express their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the fisheries review—Fiordland’s fisheries have greatly benefited from your insights and ongoing involvement. They will now focus on finalising the second round of consultations regarding fishing methodologies and boat limits. Additionally, efforts will be made to enhance data collection, ensuring they are well-prepared to assess the effectiveness of these new rules in five years.

For the full report, head on over to the Fiordland Marine Guardian website.

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